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Front Fork and Rear Shock Progressive Springs Kits
These kits represent the first step in achieving the best suspension setup for your bike.
Designed as a direct replacement for production bike springs. Hyperpro Progressive Spring Kits are fitted to your standard front forks and rear shock.
Improved Braking

With Hyperpro's constant rising rate springs, you have maximum efficiency when you brake. Here's why: as you apply the brakes, the suspension loads the front tire. This results in the tire biting into the track causing more load. In a normal spring this can result in a "dive".
But with Hyperpro's rising rate spring, instead of too much dive you get increased resistance, giving the tire even more bite. This in turn puts more load on the tire further stiffening the spring and creating a chain reaction of braking and traction. The result is improved braking.

Better Handling

Whether in town, on the highway or at the track, a progressive spring improves handling performance. Since the spring has a rising rate of resistance, it's very sensitive to small inputs such as imperfections in a road. This means an incredibly smooth ride.
However the spring also gives you the stiffness you need during hard braking and turning. The end result is a perfect harmony of comfort and control.

Better Stability

Hyperpro Hyperpro springs don't chatter. It's that simple. A stock spring has a specific frequency. If the spring encounters this frequency while on the road it will start to resonate. You feel this as a dangerous and uncomfortable chatter.
Since Hyperpro springs are progressive, there is no single frequency that the spring will respond to and they can't chatter. Your bike will show noticeably improved stability.

Better Road Holding

A progressive spring means a smooth transition in response to a change in road conditions. Hit a bump and the tire rises quickly at the beginning of the bump then stabilizes and lowers quickly on the back end, all in a fluid motion. This means maximum rubber on the road at all times. In the rain this could be the difference between maintaining traction and sliding.
At the track and on the highway this means vastly improved tire wear.
If you race, think about what it means to get ten more laps out of a set of tires. If you ride on the street, think about the money save by buying one less set of tires.
Please drop us an email if You need some asistance when choosing the Hyperpro springs kit for Your motorcycle: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call us: +370 698 07561